We use innovative computer vision sensors to recognize people in your environment, and intuitively manage your smart devices to deliver a personalised and fully automated experience for homes, companies, and public spaces.

How it works

Today’s smart devices require an app or voice command to operate— so they still make you work… to work.

Crea.vision has taken the effort out of using smart devices by scanning your environment at home or work and combining it with your user preferences. We use our breakthrough computer vision sensor to recognize users and objects, learn user needs, and intuitively manage your devices without giving commands. All this functionality is packed into one small, easy to install device.


At home

Wherever you go in your home our system will adjust the smart devices to your liking. It learns user preferences, can recognize when you are in the room, and intelligently personalizes the system to your needs. Managing your lights, climate, and entertainment become a breeze when our system automatically tailors the experience for your convenience.

Ever miss a call while your phone was charging? Our system can notify you about the incoming call and offer to take it hands free. You’ll be able to walk around the house and carry on your conversation without carrying the phone with you. Listen to music, stream, or watch TV in a seamless flow from one room to another.

At work

Our system can be personalized to suit the needs of your company, service, or operation. Monitor the well-being of patients, create a responsive work space to enable greater efficiency, visitor guidance, or track the people onsite to ensure the safety of your facility. We work with your connected devices to streamline the experience and cater to your needs.


See it in action

Check out our product demonstration.


Safety and security

The safety of your information is paramount to us. That’s why we designed the system to run all processing internally on the device. Your sensitive information will never be sent to the cloud. Only authorised smart devices will have access to user data, under strong encryption, to connect and operate with the system.

“Far more useful than mere weather reports”
— Digital Trends

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