Traditional security cameras are limited by a short range, fragmentation and lack of flexibility. By innovating the way the visual data is acquired and analysed Creavision technology maximises the potential of computer vision and AI, creating a myriad of applications for enterprises.

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Human Inspired Sensor

To surpass the limitations of traditional CCTV cameras, the sensor combines two types of vision:

Peripheral - responsible for detection and localization

Front - responsible for detailed recognition at a distance

By merging visual data from both modules and having 360 field of view the sensor achieves greater range, increased accuracy and better scene understanding.

With these cutting-edge capabilities the sensor delivers Long Range Passive Facial Recognition, Real Time Localisation and Data Analytics. This technology will transform environments through increased safety, productivity, efficiency and improved customer, visitor and patient experience.

Redefining security

Real Time Location Data

Proactive threat detection

Intelligent tracking

Response coordination

Maximising efficiency


Automated Operations

Card-less access control

Patients/Visitors registration and guidance

Facilities management

augmenting resources


Adaptive Environments

Automated scheduling and communications

Personalised client services

Staff and resource management


Applications across many environments

We believe that complex problems require comprehensive solutions and intense attention to detail. We designed our sensor to have maximum scalability to work in different environments and solve the hardest of issues. We see each enterprise problem as an individual challenge requiring a bespoke solution. Let us show how Creavision technology can help you stay ahead of the competition