Stop saying "HELLO" to smart assistants!

Let the new wave of technology greet you instead.

Imagine intelligent home that does not require any control, working quietly in the background and assisting when you need help.

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Smart Homes today are all about control, rather than assistance.

It is in essence a Remote Control functionality, which, although helpful when we are away, offers little in terms of intelligence. developed a system that for the first time can manage your home intelligently without any screen or voice commands.

It became possible thanks to our breakthrough computer vision sensor that can recognise objects/users at long distances and identify their location. 

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Not only does it intelligently manage your lights, climate and entertainment, it learns every user’s preferences and personalises each service. Wherever you go in your house our system adjust smart devices to your liking. 

No more missed calls even when your phone is charging - the system will tell you about an incoming call and offer to take it hands free. The call will seamlessly “follow” you as you walk around the house, same as the music you are streaming or the TV show you are watching.

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It will know every family member and will notify you immediately if any unauthorised person is detected in any part of your house, taking home security to the next level.

It will unobtrusively keep an eye on the wellbeing of those who need care and promptly inform you if your parents, children or pets need your help. 

Designed for the new age of secure technology, our system runs all processing on device - your sensitive information will never be sent to the cloud. Only authorised devices will have access to user data under strong encryption. 

All this functionality works from one small and easy to install device. This is the next generation of useful AI that will help people manage busy lives, worry less and achieve more.


“Far more useful than mere weather reports”
— Digital Trends