Pitch@Palace Bootcamp in Manchester

Amazing day at the Pitch@Palace Bootcamp at the University of Manchester, where we had the opportunity to pitch and connect with influencers, investors and industry leaders. Many thanks to the Duke of York and his team for organising the event and selecting Creavision to participate!

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Crea.vision joined a dinner after the #CASPA conference in Shanghai with Jeff Zhang, the CTO of Alibaba among the prominent tech leaders and VC's in attendance. We also attended a very insightful country brief at the US embassy in Beijing, which helped us learn about the best practices for foreign companies that operate in Chinese market.

Prototype demonstration

We would like to share with you our latest demonstration of our prototype. We invited curious people, to show how intelligent your future home could be. Here at Crea.vision we believe that technology can be truly helpful, safe and easy to use. 

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Has anyone read the story "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Ray Bradbury?


If you didn’t, the book tells a terrifying story about a smart home of 2026, which in the absence of its occupiers still cooks breakfast, sends little robots all over the house and reminds no-one that it is rainy outside. 

Seems very familiar, doesn’t it? We think that Ray Bradbury was pretty close to our reality in his warning against blind and unhelpful technology. Our promise is that our upcoming AI product will only try to help when it is needed... to avoid crazy bills 😂

Calm Technology

Some may ask, what exactly is “Calm Technology”? The concept was introduced in the 90's by Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown at PARC, to tackle the increasing complexities of the modern world. Utilizing the periphery of user attention instead of its center, allows the technology to intelligently help us focus on things that are truly important. The idea that technology should “simplify complexities, not introduce new ones” seems very natural and logical, yet it is amazing to see that the mainstream of today’s technology is moving in the different direction. We are constantly inundated with buzzes, notifications and attention demanding gadgets, that fight for us right at the center to maximize user engagement. 

At crea.vision: (https://www.crea.vision), we have Calm principles as the foundation of our development process and believe that so deeply, that our user-centric AI technology will inspire and help enhance many people's lives. For more information on Calm Technology principles, articles and publications click link here: (https://calmtech.com/index.html).

John Seely Brown

John Seely Brown

Mark Weiser

Mark Weiser