Eye in the Sky: How AI Can Improve Airport Operations and Security

The airline industry faces a number of challenges, and its solutions to date have been uniformly cumbersome, costly, and frequently ineffective.

The industry is faced with a delicate balancing act. They need to satisfy regulators and maintain security at a high level while trying to mitigate the impact on the customer’s experience. Up until now, passenger inconvenience has only increased in scale with security threats, but AI is poised to change that.

Why Governments Should Procure Trusted Tech Solutions

A recent ban imposed by Congress in the U.S. is leading to a very difficult situation for federal agencies in the country. The National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, made a 2019 amendment that makes sure all federal agencies stop using Chinese-made surveillance cameras in an effort to reduce threat of spying. Not only that, but thousands of cameras that are already connected on their networks need to be removed before August 13.

As it turns out, removing all of these cameras is far from a simple task…

More Efficient Healthcare System — Illusion or Near Reality

Media scrutiny of the U.S. healthcare system has put immense pressures on leaders and executives to curb soaring U.S. healthcare costs. Comparisons of nations’ spending on healthcare, average life expectancy and health outcomes reveal that the U.S. is lagging behind many other high-income countries.

The attention on the US Healthcare legislature and pricing models, had also brought up into light some additional key challenges spanning from security and resource management to patient experience and facility optimizations.

Pitch@Palace Bootcamp in Manchester

Amazing day at the Pitch@Palace Bootcamp at the University of Manchester, where we had the opportunity to pitch and connect with influencers, investors and industry leaders. Many thanks to the Duke of York and his team for organising the event and selecting Creavision to participate!

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