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Announcing  Creators Forum


Help us build a life-changing AI product

Our society is on the cusp of a massive transformation—with AI at its core. Decisions made now about the direction of AI will directly impact our future. Because of this is creating a global forum for open dialogue called Creators Forum—with the goal being to define a solution from which we can all truly benefit.

As we develop our product together we need to resolve today’s important questions about AI.

  • How can we direct self-learning for safe and efficient AI evolution?
  • How can we protect personal data and create needed controls?
  • What are the best uses for AI in our day-to-day lives?

Let’s join forces to create an exceptional product!

Creators Forum will uproot the technology business model to one that is cooperative and mutually beneficial—customers actually become part of the development process as we jointly execute on a shared vision.
— Victor Mudretsov, Founder and CEO


Become a Creator

  • Help us build an innovative post-App interface  
  • Network and contribute at unique research events and forums
  • Be a part of a global network of AI influencers
  • Define useful, data- and privacy-safe AI applications

Mission Creators Forum is a global community dedicated to actively contributing towards the development of a mutually beneficial, user-centric and safe AI.

As a Creator you can expect to:

  • Advise our founders and product development team through surveys, webinars and live events.
  • Receive access to exclusive AI trends research reports based on the survey results.
  • Receive invitations to Creators-only events in which founders and team share insights, show the product as it evolves and answer your questions.
  • Be kept up to date on all news and events.
  • Gain access to an exclusive early discounts, testing and pre-order opportunities.